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Hi, I’m Agne.

I’m an independent interior designer based in London. I have been working with interior design since 2013, starting professionally as an interior design consultant for NEXT Home. A few years later I continued my career with IKEA, and here I developed skills in not only creating amazing interiors but also learning and building my knowledge of people’s everyday lives and needs, and really understanding the importance of function in design.

I have met so many people with so many different needs, expectations, hobbies and lifestyles. I am proud to say that this almost seven years of experience has taught me a lot!

To be an interior designer was always my dream and my life goal. I couldn't imagine myself in any other job - nothing else gives me so much satisfaction as creating beautiful interiors. For me, being an interior designer isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle.

My imagination works overtime and ideas are always running through my head. The best thing about my everyday life is that I get to do what I love the most and I can share it with people, I can educate them on the joys of a beautiful and functional interior, and can lead them to the final stage of their perfect homes.

I take my job very seriously as I understand the big step it can be to welcome a new person into your home and share your lifestyle with them. That being said, I always feel like I am a part of the family whilst we are working on the project, where everybody in the home has a special say in what they would like their home to be to them.

I like to communicate all the time, I like to know all of your expectations, and your everyday struggles at home to really understand what we are expecting from this interior.

My goal is to create the interior that satisfies not just your eyes, but your everyday life as well. I want to see my final product as perfection. I want to know that you’re excited to go back home, not just after your hard working day but also after an amazing holiday or simply a day out.

I want you to be proud of your home. I want you to be able to show off your home. I want your home to be the most comfortable place in your life.