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Rental places could be a huge headache for those who has to store their whole life in one rental room. Where do you sleep? Do you eat where you sleep? Do you relax where you work? Do you work where you store all your belongings? This circule could be never ending and tiring thats why you need to really thrink about all of the solutions in your room, rethink about every possible corner in your room what could you use and where. In this case we have chosen some amazing modular system which allows you to combine little furniture cubes the way you want and create different storage for different needs.

Storage bed - I have picked the one with three draws. Three draws in your bed, can you believe it? How amazing is that??? Draw one for your towels and spare dressing gowns if you change one for different seasons. Draw two is for your spare bedding. If you dont have a lot you can combine those two in one draw and usu interior dividers in the draw which helps you to keep it all tidy and organised. Third draw could be for your pj’s, for your laung wear or if you have enough space for those you can use it for spare duvet ar warmer blanket ones cold weather hits the air.

This is the room - write some more notes.

Working space - I have used wall storage solution which by adding little hooks, and shelfs and pockets you can create a lot of space and use the hights of your wall for your storage. In this case I have used it for work, for staitionary, for displaying your pictures, hanging cameras, clipping your notes, storing your notebooks and diaries. And that’s not it! There was still space to organise your accessories, bodycare, perfumes, and little bits that usually get lost in deep draws. Few peg oards and how much storage, eh?

Little chest of draws - for smaller things, maybe this is where your underwear, socks, pjs’s, everyday t-shirts goes. And once again, dont forget to use iterior organisers as they will devide things and will help yo to stay organised no matter how messy you are.

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Your wardrobe or storage doesnt go from wall to wall an d little gaps on the side bothers you? Dont fill them with empty shopping bags or other unneeded stuff, use your space wisely. In one of the sides I have slided in laundry rack and ironing board. No one can see it and its easily accesable for you even if you are in a rush. The other side got mirror next to it, in the tiny gap i hav managed to squeeze laundry bin (which is light and easily taken out), above it I hang some hooks where you can organise your hair gadgets such as hair dryer, straighteners and by hanging a little fabrick basket or bag you can keep your hair brushes and products in. Once again, easily accessable and organised.

Now, the biggest storage unit in the room, this has been designed so you have an extra seating area once your friends are visiting, underneath we have two storage draws where you can store your spare pairs of shoes. One side has hangin clothes storage, another has some shelfs.