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Organised storage creates a feeling of calm and non - cluttered room which helps to start each day recharged physical and emotional.

The interior challenge is:

How do you create a luxury interior, calm and uncluttered space when you have to fit working function in your bedroom?

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Lauren (28) lives in a compact yet functional studio flat in Greenwich, which she bought 6 months. She works as a Admin assistant in a computer company in the city, where she walks to work. She works a lot of overtime on weekends to earn extra money and fund her lifestyle as well as pay bills.

Because she works long and unsociable hours, she likes her home to be a place to relax recharge. As she leads a busy lifestyle and spends a lot of time in the city centre, she likes to relax at local coffee shop where she can meet her friends and enjoy her passion for good coffee and cake!

Mood board comments.

Lauren owns the place that's why she has no limits of changes she can make to the apartment. She has embraced the light pastely colour scheme and has created a minimal, calm atmosphere through her accessory choices.

Her furniture is a collection of previously owned items and low price purchases to suit her budget, which she can take with her whenever she may move properties. The flat has a small outdoor balcony which she uses for extra storage, herb growing, and mainly relaxing and entertaining guests in the summer months.