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Have you ever wondered over how to keep your room warm and trendy, and sustainable too?

Sustainability is one of the most touched upon topics at the moment, especially in interior design - and any type of design for that matter. So, how can you achieve sustainable living without having to make lots of changes, altering your everyday routines, and having to spend eye-watering amounts of your hard earned money?

This is the room - write some more notes.

Well, thankfully it’s not as difficult as you may think! To minimise your energy bills, especially in the winter months, I have shown in this room how you can simply overlap two rugs - keeping the thicker one underneath to combat the cold floor ,and the thinner one on the top. I have also angled them in a way that they cover as much of the flooring as possible. There are also added sheepskin rugs on both sides of the bed for comfort. During the winter these will help keep your feet even warmer, and it’s not going to be so cold or unpleasant getting out of bed.

For the window treatment I have used four layers: a blackout blind, sheer curtain, the main curtain, and lining clipped onto the main curtain - which can be easily removed when no longer needed (this solution is particularly useful in rentals or older homes where windows may not be as efficient).

This configuration helps achieve a warmer space during the cold seasons, and the additional lining helps prevent heat from leaving the room. It also reduces draughts and in will also provide you with blackout curtains. This is helpful if you have a baby taking a nap during the day - or need a power nap yourself!.

Achieving a better quality of sleep is also a hot topic of the modern world - as we start to work (and party) harder than ever before, and our social media and streaming services keep us up later and later For this room I have chosen very specific materials and fabrics to help. The duvets, which will help keep your body temperature regulated as you sleep, are made from 100% cotton. Your sheets and blanket, the latter being a good alternative to a duvet if you’re a hot sleeper, should also be cotton - always remembering to check for responsibly sourced materials. Lyocell, often used in bedding and sometimes as quilt filling, is a great alternative to cotton as it breathes well and draws away moisture from your body as you sleep.

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It's important to choose the right materials for your bedding - which isn’t always easy to do. Linen or 100% sustainable cotton are soft, breathable, durable, and easy to care for. Lyocell is very often sustainably sourced, has great wrinkle resistance, and is generally less expensive than cotton.

Last but definitely not least is my favourite topic - colour. This room’s palette is made up of some rich colour and textures. It conveys a level of decadence and luxury. Is his trendy at the moment? Well, I don’t believe anybody wants a room which is trendy just at this very moment. If we are investing in our interior, in good solutions, furniture, textiles, and all of the other little bits that make your room look and feel special, we want to make it last a long time. We want it to be personal to us and our family, to talk about us, about our hobbies, our personalities, we want it to make us feel as comfortable as your favourite pair of pyjamas - if not moreso.

So here you go, pick the colours you feel most comfortable and relaxed with. And it absolutely doesn't matter if it’s monochromatic black and white, calming pastels, or bauhaus inspired primaries - so long as it makes you feel relaxed and at home. This is what makes you interior timeless to you - and this will help it last a very long time.